Sandra Birdsell

The Town That Floated Away

The Town That Floated Away
A children’s novel
HarperCollins Publishers Ltd., 1997
Illustrations by Helen Flook

The Town That Floated Away - Book CoverVirginia Potts finally has her Preposterously Protective Parents foiled. She’s won the Spring Break Draw. The prize: one trip to St. Boniface. Sure, she and her best friend, Richard Birdoletto, um, cheated to make sure that Virginia won–but never mind. She can’t wait to get away from home.

But then, strange things begin to happen.

Cats start standing on rooftops and refuse to come down. Madame Galosh arrives and starts handing out free lemonade. Suddenly the town is filled with strange sounds as in every house, a toilet is flushed, Whoosh! Whoosh! And then…

Well, then the town of Wellington floats away and Virginia Potts is left behind.


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