Sandra Birdsell

The Missing Child

A novel
Lester & Orpen Dennys (an imprint of Key Porter Books), reprint 1998
Lester & Orpen Dennys 1989

The Missing Child - Bookcover“Isolated deep in a glacial valley, the town of Agassiz churns with conflicting undercurrents. Yet only eccentric, lovable Minnie Pullman, possessed of an extraordinary gift of memory, is aware that an ancient underground glacier is melting and the valley is about to be wiped out. As the river rises, as children go missing and death strikes unexpectedly, the novel builds to its tumultuous climax, and the townspeople come vividly to life. Sandra Birdsell has people the world of Agassiz with characters both larger than life yet ultimately familiar. In the details, follies, struggles and joys of their lives we see a reflection of ourselves. The Missing Child is deeply humane in its vision.”




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