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January 10th, 2013

January 2013

I’m entering my 30th year of being a professional writer. To celebrate I’m opening up my News page for any questions you may have related to writing. All of 2013

I will try to answer one question a week.

Enter your questions as “Comments” to this posting”

6 Responses to “January 2013”

  • Mimi says:

    I was wondering if you might be writing another book of short stories some day? I enjoyed your book of short stories, the characters, and how so many of them interconnected.

  • Sandra says:

    Hi Mimi,
    I think what I’m working on right now may turn out to be interconnected short stories, given the large number of characters wanting to be centre stage. Check out Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout, an amazing collection of connected stories that made me think about trying to do it again. And more recently, The Twelve Tribes of Hattie by Ayana Mathis, breathtakingly vivid, all the stories are from the point of view of various family members.
    thanks for your question, Mimi.

  • Sean says:

    In terms of developing individual style and method as an author – has that been a largely cognitive process over time, or was it more self-discovery for you? Or both?

  • Sandra says:

    Sorry, I only became aware of your query. A writer’s style is usually there when they first begin to write. Voice and style, bred in the bone, that’s what makes a Munro story distinctly Alice Munro, although her style throughout the years has become so wonderfully refined. As to method, not sure what you mean. The process? If so, it’s pretty individualistic and sometimes determined by the story itself. I don’t think writers want to be too aware of those things when they’re writing.

  • Rowland Morgan says:

    Hi, Sandra — I’m reading Waiting for Joe, and I just read your “About Sandra” entry. Joe and his partner Laurie seem to be adrift in the modern world. Is this because you wrote the novel on a computer, I wonder?

  • Sandra says:

    Don’t think so Rowland. I’ve been working on a computer for ages now. But I was thinking about the reader too much in Waiting For Joe, and how a reader’s attention span may be shorter now because of the way we receive information, and the lack of time tp invest in a deep read,. I was also thinking about how that would also be the case for Laurie and Joe.
    Thanks for your comment and observation.

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